The Desai Memorial Foundation was formed for the benefit of the people. It’s mission outlines three objectives: alleviate poverty, help the distressed and ultimately provide for the needy. Also a responsibility for the Foundation is keeping the memory of Desai alive through charitable activities, lectures, seminars and exhibitions.

In keeping with the vision of Manilal Desai, the Foundation puts great importance on education. Through initiatives such as scholarships for the needy, donating books to school libraries and other needy institutions. The Foundation has also contributed to rehabilitation of the Nairobi National Museum.

The scholarship project is one that the Foundation prides itself of. The scholarships are provided to people in need of it, with no intentions of repayment. Though the process of selection is based on meritocracy, emphasis is given to the girl child’s education.

The significance placed on education is obvious; it is the backbone of every society. It is education that turns the wheels in society. With such a project, the most deserving children with financial difficulties get the opportunity to further their studies and realise their dreams.

The organisation is always looking for volunteers to aid in running of various projects. Volunteering at Desai Memorial Foundation is a totally different experience. Volunteering simply includes spreading awareness of the reputable organisation and its mission. By doing so, people are aware of the modest Foundation, and may offer their support for the cause. One can also share information about charitable-minded people who are willing to freely contribute their time and resources into achieving the Foundation’s goals, and ultimately make the world a better place.