DMF was created to make it simple yet rewarding for many of us who want to make a personal donation, but don’t always have the opportunity given all the demands on our time. By making a contribution, you can grant the wish of a special child living around the block or around the world, knowing that 100% of your contribution is going directly to the child.


We depend on the generosity of our supporters to carry out our vital work for those in need. If you would like to make a donation, please contact us.

Join Us

Our members have dedicated themselves to help the needy children in our society. You too can join them. Please contact us to find out how you can join.

Become A Volunteer

In addition to donating to Desai Memorial Foundation, you can also become a volunteer. It’s easy! Simply by creating awareness about Desai Memorial Foundation. There are many ways such awareness can be created. The simplest way to do so is to inform everyone about Desai Memorial Foundation. Many people are very eager to help support a genuine, reputable, and credible organization. They may not yet be aware about DMF, a recommendation, or even an introduction from you would guide them to Desai Memorial Foundation.

You can inform people about DMF individually, at informal get-togethers, or at meetings, programs, functions, events and on the internet. You can enroll more DMF volunteers, donors, and sponsors. You can form “DMF Support Groups” that assist DMF in various ways on a regular basis. You may also have your own good ideas on how to create awareness about and promote Desai Memorial Foundation. If so, we want to hear your ideas very much. In other words, you can do any and as much or as little volunteer work according to your preference, time, capacity, and ability.

Tell A Friend

Tell a friend about our work today and help us achieve the founder`s dream. Do it today for that needy child.